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TACAB Standard Pickling Bath Concentrated

The customer add water to the desired strength and thus chooses work area for the pickling bath. The bath can be mixed to pickle stainless/acid resistant steel, duplex, or to pickle very high-alloyed stainless steel grades (eg, Super duplex).

TACAB Pickling Bath Concentrated is a traditional pickling bath based on hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid. Pickling bath is used for pickling heat treated and welded stainless steel structures. At pickling the annealing scales and/or welding oxides are removed from the surface of the stainless steel. After pickling and ample rinsing with water (high pressure) the corrosion resistance is restored in the welded area.

TACAB Standard Pickling Bath Concentrated is sold in the following sizes of packages:
25 ,200 and 1000 litres. For larger volumes ask for quotation.


How to prepare the pickling bath:
Stainless and acid resistant steel grades Mix ratio 1:2 (1 part concentrated pickling bath +  2 parts of water)
Higher alloyed steel grades
example: duplex)
Mix ratio 1:1 (1 part concentrated pickling bath +  1 part of water)
Very high alloyed steel grades
(example: super duplex)
Mix ratio 1:0.5 (1 part concentrated pickling bath +  0.5 parts of water)