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TACAB Optima Pickling PasteTACAB-Optima-BetpastaLR-4.png

TACAB Optima pickling paste is a pickling paste with an entirely new formula.
The paste is virtually free from formation of toxic, nitric gases.
The level of harmful nitrate and nitrite ions is also reduced.

Used for cleaning and passivating of welding joints and the heat affected zone (HAZ) for welded stainless steel constructions. Pickling paste is applied with a paintbrush. After pickling and generous flushing with water (high pressure), the corrosion resistance of the weld site is restored.

TACAB Optima pickling paste is sold in the following sizes of packages: 1kg

·     TACAB Optima develops less toxic gases than traditional pickling pastes.
·     TACAB Optima pickling paste has a distinctive green color, making it easier to
     see where it has been applied.
·     The paste has a homogenous, jelly-like consistency. It has good adhesion and
     can be applied to vertical surfaces with no risk of runs or drying.
      Working temperature interval is between +15° and +40°C.

SDS-6.jpg Product-data-sheet-5.jpg
Pickling times at 20 °C.
Stainless steel 45-90 minutes depending on type of welding method.
Acid resistant steels 60-150 minutes depending on type of welding method.