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TACAB NOXfree Pickling Bath
Developed for stainless and acid resistant steel.
The pickling baths used today are almost always hazardous to health and emit dangerous gases.
The use thus demands very strict directives for ventilation,protective equipment etc.
TACAB noxfree pickling bath is a newly developed, patentedenvironmentally suited pickling bath for
stainless steel that drastically reduces the hazardous at useThe useful life of the noxfree pickling bath
is much longer than for a conventional nitric acid - hydrofluoric acid bath.

Fsida_Broschyr_engelska.jpgTACAB noxfree pickling bath is sold in the following sizes of packages:
25 ,200 and 1000 litres for larger volumes ask for quotation.
Included at purchases of > 3000 litres: Free analysis, full technical support and
education: Course - 4 steps in pickling

Pickling times att 22 ºC:

Stainless steel 45-90 minutes depending of welding method
Acid resistant steel 60-120 minutes depending of welding method
Note: At higher temperatures this pickling bath can pickle higher alloyed steel grades as higher temperaures improves the efficiency. 

When pickling in pickling bath the pickling liquid has to be circulated. This gives good pickling results and eliminates the risk of discoloration. Circulation is created with a propeller driven by an electric motor.

between TACAB NOXfree pickling bath and traditional pickling bath:
TACAB NOXfriee pickling bath gives superior working environment.
TACAB NOXfriee pickling bath doesn´t develop any toxic gases (NOX gases).
TACAB NOXfriee pickling bath has longer lifetime compared with a traditional pickling bath.