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TACAB Pickling Spray SuperTACAB-Spraybetloening-SuperLR-4.png
Effective spray developed for higher alloyes stainless steels, example lean duplex, duplex and SMO but can be used on acid resistant steel grades with shortend pickling times.

Used for simultaneous pickling of welding joints and free surfaces for larger welded stainless steel construction.The pickling solution is applies by spraying with a membrane pump. After pickling and ample rinsing with water (high pressure) the corrosive resistance is restored in the welded area.

TACAB Pickling Spray Super is sold in the following sizes of packages: 25 and 200 kilo.
·     Has a gel-like, homogenous consistency with extraordinary good
     adhesive capacity and can be applied on vertical surfaces and ceilings
     without any risk of running or drying.
      Working temperature interval is +5 to +40 ºC.
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Pickling time at 20 ºC:
Stainless steel 20-50 minutes depending on welding metod.
Acid resistant steel 30-60 minutes depending on welding method.
Duplex 60-120 minutes depending on welding method.
Lean duplex 90-180 minutes depending on welding method.
Super duplex 120-240 minutes depending on welding method.​