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Pickling paste

Used for cleaning and passivating of welding joints and the heat affected zone (HAZ) for welded stainless steel constructions.
TACAB pickling paste standard is applied with a paintbrush. After pickling and ample rinsing with water (high pressure) the corrosion resistance is restored in the welded area.

TACAB Pickling paste standard

Developed for pickling of stainless steel and acid resistant steels. Higher alloyed grades (duplex) can be pickled with prolonged pickling times. TACAB pickling paste Standard is sold in the following sizes of packages: 1 and 2 kilo. Pickling brush is included.


TACAB Pickling paste super

Effective paste developed for higer alloyes stainless steels, example lean duplex, duplex and SMO but can be used on acid resistance steel grades with shortend pickling times. 
TACAB pickling paste super is sold in the following sizes of packages: 1 kilo. Pickling brush is included.


TACAB NRCA (NOX reducing color additive)

TACAB NRCA is used together with all TACAB pickling paste products and provides a sharp red-purple color which makes it easier to see where to apply the paste. NRC 200 also reduces the amount of toxic NOX gases by at least 50%. One NRCA is sufficient for 1 kg pickling paste.



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