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TACAB Passivator
SDS-15.jpgUsed on occasions when you want to ensure a passivation of the stainless steel surface.

Usually there is a natural passivation after pickling (if you operate indoors in a protected environment) without the need to use TACAB Passivator. The metal comes after pickling and washing spontaneously react with oxygen in the air when the part dries. This chemical reaction starts on the metal surface. After relatively short periods of time the surface will be covered with an oxide layer. The oxide layer will serve ​as a kind of protective barrier between the air and metal. The formed oxide is therefore of great importance for the continuation of a metal corrosion resistance.
Product-data-sheet-12.jpgThis layer is also called the passivity layer.

At those times when a clean protected environment after pickling can´t be guaranteed TACAB Passivator should be used to ensure passivation.

TACAB Passivator is sold in the following pack sizes: 25 kg.

A special spraying equipment is needed for spraying TACAB Passivator.