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TACAB CleanerTACAB-CleanerLR-5.png

Removal of surface rust and other surface defects.

Cleaner can also be used as a pre-pickling solution on low-alloyed stainless steel grades. Dark spots (SMUT) is a common problem in the pickling of low-alloyed stainless steels. The causes of SMUT are many blah. dirt, use of stronger pickling products than necessary, pickling outdoors in sunlight, poor rinsing and poor water quality. Pre-pickling with TACAB cleaner effectively reduces problems with SMUT. After Pre-pickling with TACAB Cleaner a normal pickling with TACAB Pickling spray standard shall be preformed.

TACAB Cleaner be sprayed on with a custom spray equipment.
The use of TACAB Cleaner should always end with thorough washing with clean water (high pressure).

TACAB Cleaner is sold in the following sizes of packages: 25 kg
·     Has a gel-like, homogenous consistency with good adhesive capacity and can
     be applied on vertical surfaces and ceilings without any risk of running or drying.
Working temperature interval is +5 to +40 ºC.

Cleaning time at 20 ºC:
Low alloyed stainless steel: 45 minutes.