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Accessories - Pickling

Diaphragm pump
With spray gun, 10 meter hose, air unit, connections (straight and 90 degree) and stainless hose clamps.

Spraygun fits to diaphragm pump (memb) and manual pump (MPT12L).
With viton gaskets and adjustable nozzle.
Item no: SPR



Ajustable nozzle to spraygun (SPR)

Item no: MUNST


Connection (Membrane pump)
Connection for diaphragm pump (MEMB).
Straight model and 90 degree model
Item no: 
connectionrak (straight connection)
Connection90 (90 degree model)


Pump motor
800W for drum pump with adjustable speed.
Item no:  PUMPM825

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Pump tube 1200

Pump tube 1200 mm (for barrel pump)
Item no: 
Pumpr1200PP (Material=polypropylene)
Pumpr1200PVDF (Material=PVDF)

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Brushes for use with pickling paste.

Brush (length = 250 mm, width = 30 mm) RP

Brusch (30 mm) with angled shaft (Length = 375 mm Width = 30 mm) ELP30

Brush (50mm) with angled shaft (Length = 390 mm Width = 50 mm) ELP50


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